From 10 years Euroledlighting Ltd. has been manufacturing LED lighting and intelligent control and powering systems for lighting purposes. Our company and its factory are located in Special Economic Zone in northern Poland. The most important and crucial parts of our modern facility are: research and measurement laboratory, R&D department, project and design department and SMT department equipped with several automatic pick-and-place lines. Euroledlighting Ltd. offers production services of LED housings and their components in OEM/ODM system.

The company manufactures a full range of LED light sources that are essential for any comprehensive lighting projects and investments, both – simple, advanced and sophisticated; for every branch on the market. High quality products and short lead-time are our core values; the high flexibility of parameters customization is our advantage. Every single project is treated individually and the designed lighting systems are fully optimized for the precise customer needs. Euroledlighting Ltd. constantly cooperates with most of the best manufacturers of LED components.

Based on years of experience in designing and manufacturing LED lighting systems, optimization, sales volume, wide range of products as well as full customization of their technical parameters, we are ready to provide one of the best offers on the professional LED lighting market, including the best price. Our best offer is also the result of miscellaneous technical solutions and parameters, customization, non-standard options as well as our lead-time.

LED luminaires manufactured by Euroledlighting Ltd. are built on our own production components or based on high quality parts of world best’s manufacturers. Especially, it concerns electronic components such as: drivers, LEDs or DALI control equipment. Our components are always highest quality!